Timber Cup 2020 – Start May 2, 2020

Saturday, 5/2/2020, was the first week of the first of four quarters. The first and third quarters will only be 4 weeks long. The Second and Fourth Quarters will be again be five weeks long.


Qualification in a quarter is based on the 3 best Net scores in that quarter. Weather could dictate something less, but if only three weeks were played in the quarter, you will have to have played in each of those 3 weeks.


The PlayOffs are four weeks long with the winner having the 3 best Net scores.


Net Scores are determined to be a percentage of your full HC. With the advent of the new World Handicap System (WHS), the percentage will differ from last year. It may be a ~slightly~ higher percentage than last years 87.5%. Some math has to be performed to determine what is fair. But since the projection for the WHS system was that everyone’s HC would go ~down~ slightly, that percentage should go up ~slightly~. TBD Soon!

Pete Brown